Our school unlike a typical Juku school in Japan that just simply crams information into students’ heads so they can pass exams, ―has innovative teaching programs that help children obtain life skills for their future.


The leaders of Japan have all learned the philosophy of the “spirit” which teaches the importance of manners. Before we begin class we teach that the “spirit” (manners) must come first. It is an ancient belief that one’s “spirit” and body are one and that for one to be considered a decent person they must show that they have a good attitude and are polite to others. Our students also learn that they should be grateful and appreciate their peers.


However, of course only having “spirit” (manners) is not enough. We also believe that “A leader needs to be a good example,” so every 3 months we post a list of the top eight students with the highest scores in our school. We set a basic premise in which every student can learn and achieve success while also setting a good example for their peers.


We are sincerely engaged in our student’s education so they can become leaders who have a worldwide perspective, Japanese spirit, and inner fortitude. Top leaders in the business community have said, “We have to teach spirit (manners) to children around two or three years old. If a person around the age of a University student or even still a person already part of the work force tries to learn spirit, it’s too late.” Moreover, such business leaders are always giving our school support and encouraging us while we look at our students with excitement as we know we are looking at our future.



Children, who are overflowing with ideas, hope, honesty, gentleness and energy have unlimited potential.

“There are a lot of problems to be solved in the world and people are waiting for the appearance of intelligent and kind leaders like you.” We are sure that children who listen to this with their bright eyes and open minds can change the world. And at our school our students are always full of such energy and everyday are preparing to become those future leaders.

2016年7月号 ウエッジ(新幹線のグリーン車搭載の月間誌)掲載記事